​wirting a lab report of (fermentation reports​)

wirting a lab report of (fermentation reports)

i will post everything that needs , the result the guide of how you do it and two source you better use it

also it need to with sample with work cuz i am international student

this is the porf’s note

(A noted in lab, 3 references are required (not 2). Look at the Nov 2 news post on Kodiak for the details.

I do not care about the 3-4 page limit specified in guidelines. Having said that, this is an appropriate time to think about condensing some of Materials and Methods. Preparation of yeast could be condensed to read “4 grams of dry yeast was resuspended in 50 mL of distilled water and warmed in a 37’C water bath for a minimum of 10 minutes.” We will assume the reader has a basic knowledge of laboratory setup and how to make molar solutions. The description of the molar solutions could be condensed to read “0.2 M solutions of the monosaccharides glucose, fructose, and galactose, and 0.1 M solutions of the disaccharides sucrose, maltose, and lactose were prepared and warmed in a 37’C water bath for a minimum of 10 minutes.” The preparation and use of a device to capture and measure CO2 however (the manometer) is unusual enough to warrant a detailed description. Be sure to tell the reader how rate was calculated for the experiment.

The graphs (Figures 1, 2, and maybe 3) required are the data for the two sugars (CO2 produced in mL versus Time in seconds), and the bar graph of Rates (mL CO2/sec) for all six sugars.

Discussion – Restate the hypothesis. Did the results support or reject the hypothesis? Provide a reasonable explanation for the results. Follow the guidelines for the rest of the content.)

and this out data

This data should be presented as a bar graph. It will be either Figure 2 or Figure 3 in your paper.

Rate of Fermentation (mL CO2/sec) is on the y-axis.

The names or abbreviations of the names of the sugars will be on the x-axis.

Use the mean for glucose.

ml CO2 produced/second
















also i will post my data and my graph in excel

also i will post the two sources and the third you can choose whatever sources you want



dont get scare of the many things that i said is to easy to do in short time

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