2 behavioral objectives in small groups towards development of a teaching plan in response to a case study provided.

Teaching Plan

1.    Students will prepare at least 2 behavioral objectives in small groups towards development of a teaching plan in response to a case study provided.
•    Time:  10 minutes    Introduce self to students once again.  Explain the reason for the lesson. The lesson is to help students practice preparing a teaching plan for their chosen case studies.
Describe the objectives.
Describe the template components: behavioral objective addressed & time needed for each objective.—
•    Behavioral objectives guide nurses so that the material needing to be taught is focused on the exact needs of the child and parents. It provides a plan for nurses to stay on topic and provide effective instruction, education, and support.
•    Behavioral objectives become the specific behaviors, when demonstrated, described, or stated by the child and parents indicates learning has taken place—these objectives are the means by which nurses can EVALUATE    Students are adult  learners.  Adult  learners need to be involved participating in their own learning. Adults learn best through use of multiple teaching-learning modalities (Vandeveer, 2009).  This lesson will use Case Study, and students will be broken down into small groups to work on the case study. According to Weimer (2002), there are many advantages to empowering students to participate in creating their own learning experiences. Deeper understanding of the topic, a sense of accomplishment, and satisfaction with the teaching-learning process are a few of these advantages.

Group discussion encourages the discovery of various ideas the students may have about how the behavioral objectives relate to the assessment and planning phases of the Nursing Process (Rowles& Russo, 2009).

Large and small group discussion during the case study activity—ongoing evaluation of students’ understanding based on questions students ask and the class discussion that takes place in response to the questions.

Small group completion of at least 2 behavioral objectives applicable to the case study provided.

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