A push to grant practitioners greater clinical authority.

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Trends in family nursing

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A push to grant practitioners greater clinical authority.

In recent past, there has been a looming shortage of the physicians across the globe. This has encouraged the authorities to allow the nursing practitioners to prescribe medications to the patients. In this regard therefore, this will help in quick response and service delivery to the patient. As a practitioner, this will help especially the patient to. This will help in the implementation of nursing ethic of ensuring that the practitioners are committed to their task of virtually attending to the patient whenever they are required to because of their role to prescribe medicine (Ulrich, 2014)..

Advances in biomedical technology

Due to high level of technology and access of internet, nursing field has become more flexible and cost effective. As a family nurse practitioner, the use of portable medical gadgets is advantageous because of record keeping of the patient and therefore becomes easy to monitor how the patient is recovering. Also, the patient benefits a lot from this technology since it is not necessary for him to see the medics all the times in person in order to get treated. Also this telemedicine technology helps the patient to perform and independent check-ups in primary care (Kronenfeld, 2009). A lot of information is kept private by the use of telemedicine gadgets, therefore, the use of technology improves nursing ethics.

Aggressive recruitment of advanced practitioners.

This is another major blow to the family nursing practitioners. This is because due to increased level of insurance by the organizations such that the organizations prefer an experienced practitioner to those with minimum experience. This factor has made many to advance their studies in order to attain the minimum requirements for this growing trend. To the patients, this will be very helpful since they will be assured of getting good services (De Chesnay, 2015).


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