Accounting Careers

Accounting Careers

The increasing complexity of the current business and regulatory environment has created an increased demand for accountants who can analyze business transactions and interpret their effects on the financial statements.  In addition, a basic ability to analyze the effects of transactions is necessary to be successful in all fields of business as well as in other disciplines, such as law.  To better understand the importance of accounting in today’s environment, search the Internet or your local newspaper for job opportunities.  Some possible Internet job search sites include: Career Builder Indeed,and Monster After reviewing accounting jobs in the nation on this website or from another location, tell us about a job you have found that requires some type of accounting knowledge or degree. Examples of items you could include are: job title, description, requirements, salary, etc.


The Accounting career I researched is: Senior Finance Analyst

A Senior Finance Analyst’s job is to be able to plan, budget, present information, analyze and advise. More specifically you have to be able to understand and advise certain risks having to do with the financial situation of the company and advise on what the company should do moving forward. You must be able to present investment ideas in a clear and understandable format. You also have to schedule potential investors to meet at a Distribution Center.

Requirements include: Strong organizational skills, a bachelors degree and three or more years of experience, which you can get by starting off as a Junior Financial Analyst.

The median salary for a Senior Financial Analyst is $77,527, with $60,924 being the lower end and $98,224 being on the high end (more years of experience equals a higher salary).