AHS6630 Wilmington University WK3 Logic Models for Program Planning Paper

Skills Builder #2 of 4

This assignment will help you prepare for your final logic model project by helping you develop your logic model building skills and some interaction with you instructor.

Provide a short description of the logic model / outcomes measurement plan you will construct for your final project. Include:

  • Name of organization- Although it does not have to be a real organization, it is highly recommended that it is.
  • Name of program – This may be a real program or one that you wish existed.
  • Name and purpose/objective of program or service.
  • Target population.
  • One example of an activity / intervention needed to implement the program.
  • One outcome of the program.
  • One indicator that will measure progress towards achieving the outcome.
  • Be sure to provide sufficient explanation to be clearly understood; use complete sentences.
  • 3-4 paragraphs in length.

Resources for Assignment:

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