American Art Reflection, American Art has a rich history

American Art Reflection

Steve Kiango



American Art has a rich history that has a pull of inspiration from the very first mention of America as a country. Its colonial period, the tribal history of the Native Americans, as well as modern design trends all, have a common place; that is history. A visit to the art museums will tell a lot about the country’s past and its heritage, its pride.

The Makar tribal trends have a very rich cultural heritage. Their trends in image and design although not abstractly documented in anthropology have proved that Makar art trends are well placed in history (Natale, 1993). Makars cultural art is a favorite because of its originality as well as its rich inspiration from nature and the people. A tribal museum like MAKAR CULTURAL AND RESEARCH CENTER (MCRC) has a piece of what the rich cultural art of Makar has to offer.

This critical method has a place in showing what the country of America has undergone in terms of changes. Politically and socially, trends are studied to highlight precedent events, which have affected the current state of affairs. The art shows how the art in this community has evolved from past beginnings to the current. Hence, so as to understand the present we need to seek the past (Natale, 1993).

One cannot study History without the mention a certain period’s art. Art is an important basis in studying a community or country’s history. A look at the Indians from America proves this theory. Indians were all through the Natives of American Land, their culture and the history of America can be learnt from the art trends that have occurred since the discovery of America (Novak, 2007).

A reflection of trends in art is important not only in preserving the nation’s cultural heritage but also in ensuring that the past is held in solemn admiration. Criticism of a country’s history, which has been preserved through art, will provide more knowledge on how to face the future.


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