Approaches to personality

Approaches to personality

Your textbook discusses the main approaches to personality: Psychodynamic Perspective (including the Neo-Freudians), Learning Approaches, Humanistic Approaches, Biological Approaches, and Trait theories. To complete this discussion forum, first choose a sitcom and watch one episode while focusing on one specific character. Evaluate their personality using one of the main approaches discussed in the textbook (i.e. imagine that you are a theorist from this perspective; what would you say about the character’s personality?). The title of your original post should include the character, sitcom, and approach. For instance, maybe you decide to evaluate Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory according to Psychodynamic Approach. Therefore, your title could be “Sheldon, Big Bang Theory, Psychodynamic Approach.”

In your original post, give specific instances of observable behavior from the specific episode you watched and explain how it illustrates something about the characters’ personality. Be succinct and persuasive. Your classmates should be able to make a clear connection between the character’s behavior that you are describing and their personality.

Unlike our previous forums, you will be able to see the posts of your classmates as they are posted. You may not choose the same character that a classmate has already chosen.

Original Post Due Date: Wednesday at 11pm

Replies Due Date: Saturday at 11pm (Extended due to holiday)

Please review details in the syllabus regarding discussion boards and the grading rubric to assure your posts will earn maximum points. Make sure to fully explore your ideas and back them up with reference to the text, videos, or additional resources (give credit where credit is due; see resource on plagiarism if needed) and fulfill minimum word requirements. If you do not follow these guidelines, you cannot earn full credit. You can do it! Let me know if you have any questions.