area of psychology and the type of impact you would like to make in that area. 

Write a 3–4-page blog post in APA format that explains your interest in an area of psychology and the type of impact you would like to make in that area.

Make sure to follow these steps below!

Describe the skills required to be a psychology professional, and explain how the practitioner-scholar model supports professional development. Finally, explain the importance of research to the area of psychology you plan to go into.



Suppose you are a member of a professional organization that is active on social media through a popular blog site. You have been talking about going back to school to complete your master’s degree with other members of the organization. Now you have been asked to write the next blog post on your decision to enroll in this program.

You must use at least two of the readings listed under Required Resources to support your work in this assessment. You may also use additional resources that you locate yourself, but you must use at least two from the list provided. Because this is a psychology course and your assessment will be geared towards psychology professionals, format it following APA guidelines (you may wish to use the APA Paper Template located in the Suggested Resources).


In your blog post, please complete the following:

  • Identify the area of psychology you wish to go into and explain why this area is important to you.
  • Describe the impact you would like to make in the field of psychology.
    • Do you have a plan for your vision?
    • What will be your measure of success?
  • Describe the skills and abilities required to be a successful psychology professional.
  • Explain how Capella’s practitioner-scholar model will be helpful to your professional development.
  • Explain the importance of research to the area of psychology you wish to go into.


Required Resources

You must use a minimum of two resources from the Required Resources category.

Specializations in Psychology

The assessment asks you to identify the area of psychology you wish to go into and why, as well as the skills and abilities of a psychology professional. These resources provide information on those topics.

  • Belar, C. D. (2012). Reflections on the future: Psychology as a health profession. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(6), 545–550.
  • Brinthaupt, T. M., Counts, V. E., & Hurst, J. R. (2012). Stereotypes about the psychology degree: Student sources and beliefs. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 39(3/4), 229–242.
  • Nash, J. M., & Larkin, K. T. (2012). Geometric models of competency development in specialty areas of professional psychology. Training & Education In Professional Psychology, 6(1), 37–46.
Practitioner-Scholar Model

These resources provide information about the learning model followed by Capella, which is one of the items you must address in your blog post.

  • McClintock, C. (2003). Scholar practitioner model. In A. DiStefano, K. E. Rudestam, & R. J. Silverman (Eds.), Encyclopedia of distributed learning (pp. 394–397). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Learning Model Quick-Reference and Examples [PDF].
Role of Research

The articles listed address the role of research in psychology.

  • Babione, J. M. (2010). Evidence-based practice in psychology: An ethical framework for graduate education, clinical training, and maintaining professional competence. Ethics & Behavior, 20(6), 443–453.
  • American Psychological Association. (2017). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct. Retrieved from
  • Smedslund, J., & Ross, L. (2014). Research-based knowledge in psychology: What, if anything, is its incremental value to the practitioner? Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science, 48(4), 365–383.

No plagiarism, spelling, or grammar mistakes

Your blog post should be 3–4 pages in length, reference at least two scholarly resources, and follow APA guidelines. You need to include a title page and a reference page.

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