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Health assignment

Project This week you will review and answer the following case studies. Your answer should be at least one paragraph for each question answered and thoroughly address the topic. (30 points) APA format original work Felicia Felicia has been feeling tired recently. Her friend sells vitamin supplements through an online company, and she suggested Felicia […]

Why nutrition?

Please: Compose a 400-500 word (3-5 paragraphs) answer addressing the guidance outline listed below. First, discuss what you knew about nutrition prior to starting this course. ( I didn’t know much- just to eat lots of fruits and veggies, avoid fast foods and soda. I didn’t know how nutrition affects my body) After going through […]

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei and Giordano Bruno were questioned for similar reasons. Galileo’s trial ended with an abjuration. Bruno was declared a heretic, excommunicated, and burned at the stake. At his trial, Giordano listened to the verdict on his knees, then stood up and said: “Perhaps you, my judges, pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear […]

HCA675 Grand Canyon University Disaster Preparedness Interview Paper

Contact a disaster preparedness person at either a local hospital, or local city or county emergency services agency. Interview your contact, asking the following questions: 1) “What do you consider to be the top three disasters for which you prepare?” 2) “What would you say are your top three lessons learned about managing a disaster?” […]

Complete Short Physics Lab Assignment NO PLAGIARISM

Lab Assignment Welcome to the Lab component of Physics I. This week’s lab is called “Ideal Gas Law.” You will conduct experiments to see how pressure, volume and temperature of an ideal gas may vary. Do you remember what an ideal gas is? First, download and read the two documents below: Click here for the […]

journal- ethics in nursing

1. Search the internet and learn about the cases of nurses Julie Thao and Kimberly Hiatt. 2. List and discuss lessons that you and all healthcare professionals can learn from these two cases. 3. Describe how the principle of beneficence and the virtue of benevolence could be applied to these cases. 4. In addition to […]

Nursing Evolution minimum of one and a half pages in APA style

Nursing Evolution Instructions: Please provide a minimum of one and a half page in APA style, include your nursing experience from the fundamental class and clinical. Talk about your future goals for each nursing course and throughout the nursing program. Finally, make your own personal summary and include things that you may have to change […]

Cigarette packaging

Tobacco companies are required to include warning labels on cigarette packaging. It has been recommended that they illustrate the effects of cigarette smoking. These images are quite graphic; examples include diseased lungs and a man exhaling cigarette smoke through his neck by way of a tracheotomy hole. Respond to the following questions: 1. How do […]

Global Nursing Issues

Global Nursing Issues People everywhere want to be healthy, happy, and safe. But the reality is that re-emerging diseases, limited access to health care, pandemics, terrorism, war, poverty, and natural disaster continue to threaten the lives and well being of people around the world. Differences in economics, cultures, political structures, and ethical standards often hinder […]