Biology GMO

The reach paper will be about genetically modified foods (GMO) 

Make sure we explain What Ge or GMO what the diffents is, When was it establish? what are the health concerns of GMO FOOD? Potential health Effects? Why are food Genetics being Manipuipuplated? why we need GMO food? I am Pro for GMO food because we are as human are multiplying and we need to produce more food. 

See details below for the paper and NO PLAGIARISM. 

Biology–Term Paper

You will be writing one research paper, the purpose of which is to allow you to learn more about a topic in biology and to allow you to exercise your skills in scientific writing. Writing is not only an essential means of communication, but a superb learning tool as well, allowing you to develop your thoughts logically and really come to grips with what you do and do not understand. 

The paper should be 8-10 pages in length (excluding references, tables and figures), on any specialized subject area within the purview of biology. This is a particularly good opportunity for you to explore an area that we are unable to cover in class. You should review a concept fully, backing it by relevant literature, identifying the gaps in our understanding and the experiments that could be performed to bridge these gaps. You may use a combination of primary research papers, reviews, and other sources, but must include at least 2 primary research papers published in 2012 or later. 

 Your paper should not resemble anyone else’s paper for this or any other class, and should not be similar to a paper prepared for another course. You should not quote directly from other sources unless you use quotation marks and identify your source. Close paraphrasing should be avoided. All statements you obtain from published sources should be carefully documented. Some suggestions for journals include Science, Nature, Nature Genetics, Developmental Biology, Genes and Development, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Cell, and Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. Supplementary references can include primary experimental research papers, reviews, or “News and Views” from Science or Nature. The tone of your paper should be professional, not tongue-in-cheek. Your report should be typed and double spaced. Use standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper with a margin of at least 1/2 inch on all sides. Type size should average no more than 10 characters per inch (on most word processors, this is font size 12). Cite references in the text and use the referencing style of primary research articles (not reviews) -cite by author and date i.e. (Woody, 2018), giving full authors, title, journal and pagination in the reference section. Please include a cover sheet on your paper, indicating the title of your work, the date, your name and full contact information. Cover page does not count in the page number count. You will be penalized for departing from the length, format, supplementary materials and referencing style requested. You will be graded on accuracy, style and creativity. Although writing ability is not the primary focus of this course, your ability to communicate is essential to your success in science. Pay close attention to what you’re writing.