brainstorm to find specific problems that are central to your life and your community

For this essay you will brainstorm to find specific problems that are central to your life and your community. Picking your topic might be one of the most difficult parts of the essay – you must narrow your topic so you can effectively execute one problem and one solution to that problem. This will be covered in 3-4 pages. You want to pick a problem that you have a personal investment in, a problem that you have observed for some time, a problem that you can speak about with authority. Avoid overused essay topics. Report on a topic that provides new information to your audience, something that cannot easily be Googled. You will not conduct any research. You should use personal experience and observations to support your points and you should be able to show your audience your problem and analyze why it is a problem. Finally, you will offer your solution for change.

Ask yourself many questions during the drafting process: Who is affected? What does my audience need to know? Why? What can they gain? Why is this topic an important problem? What experiences will show my problem? Is my solution realistic and reasonable?

What to consider/ include:

– Before you write, you should know who your target audience is.

– Your introduction should set up the problem and this setup of the problem should lead to your thesis.

– Your thesis needs to be an arguable claim about why this issue is a problem.

– Your body paragraphs should provide examples that show the problem. Your body paragraphs should also analyze these examples and their significance.

– Your conclusion should look to the future. Explore the possibilities and positive outcomes your solution can bring.

– You should know what tone will be most effective.

– You have freedom to explore “voice,” but make sure that your problem and solution stay serious.