Brochure on Protecting Patient Privacy

You are now in charge of consents and authorizations for research in your facility. Your director has assigned you to create a 1 page brochure that discusses the organization’s right to protect health information for the purpose of research.

Complete the brochure and consider the following:

  • The intended audience for the brochure are adult patients that may be asked to participate in research
  • The brochure is specifically meant to be used within your organization
  • The document must discuss the organization’s responsibilities as well as the patient’s rights to information pertaining to the research study. Refer to the textbook chapter, lecture, and additional readings as resources to construct this content.

The brochure will be graded based on the following:

  • Completeness of content
  • Readability by intended audience
  • Length
  • Grammar/Mechanics
  • Aesthetics

Submit the assignment as a word document or PDF.

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