Business Forms and Roles

Business Forms and Roles

1 – Why do sole proprietorships carry a higher level of risk than other forms of business?

2- How does the government regulate the market?

3 – What are your thoughts on regulation in the airline industry? Are things better or worse today that they were 35 years ago?

4 – What drives people to take the entrepreneurial challenge given the risk involved? What makes small businesses so important to the American economy?

5 – What decisions go into the structuring of an organization? How the organizational structure of a small business may differ from a larger business


Assignment Steps 

Use the current US based business you selected in Week 1. (AIRLINES)

Create a 1,400-word analysis discussing the following information:

1-Discuss the different forms of a business organization.

2 – Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different business organizations and how entrepreneurship impacts each of the organizations.

3-Explain what form of business organization your chosen business falls under.

4-If your chosen business is considered a small business, review the role your chosen business has in the American economy.

5-If your chosen business is not considered a small business, review the impact small businesses have on your business’ strategy.

Cite at least two references