Business Statistics

Business Statistics Discussion and Assignment

Discussion 1 1/2 Paragraphs

Use the Internet to research a global business or an organization of your choice. Do not use McDonalds, Target, or Ford. Next, analyze the overall effect of global competition on the business or the organization that you researched. Suggest one (1) strategy that the business leader can use in order to improve business competition and efficiency. Provide a rationale for your response. Search the Internet for an article that supports your position and post the link in your thread for everyone to read.

Assignment 1 Page minimum

Describe a work task, a hobby, or another activity that you regularly do, and sequentially list the various actions you take in order to complete this activity. Consider the complexity of your list and the amount of steps required to complete the activity.


Answer the following questions pertaining to your task, hobby, or other activity: 1. Differentiate the main actions between doing and improving your activities.

2. Determine the overall manner in which variation has affected your activities.