Interview with a person who has experienced illness

This project is intended to give you field experience. For this project, you are to interview a person who has experienced a serious illness. This illness will be CANCER. Your questions should reflect the issues and concepts we will discuss and read about in class. Due to confidentiality, please do not share your interviewee’s name and/or identifying information.

This assignment requires the following:

1. A brief biographical sketch including whether your interviewee is living independently, with relatives, a retirement home, assisted living facility or nursing home. How old is this person now? How old were they when they experienced their illness?

2. What are you most curious about this person?

A list of preliminary questions is provided below, though it is expected that you will add at least FIVE (5) more questions to your list as we cover the objectives of the course. Tell me about the psychological and emotional changes that have occurred as a result of your illness

3.How has your illness changed your social life?  Describe the social changes that have occurred.

4. What are the three most important facts about illness and healing that everyone must know? (10 points)

5. How do you define and health and healing?

6. Finally, discuss at least one theory or concept that we learned about in class and explain how this theory relates to the individual. Please use two scholarly sources to support your theory. (20 points)


Use a word processor (preferably MS Word) to create your paper. The final paper should be 6 -8 pages in length, double-spaced with 12 point font, not including tables or the reference list.