Cell And Molecular Biology

Title: You need a title, and the name 

Introduction: Start broad and work your way to a narrow point of view. Make sure you cover CRISPR and how that works. Go into a bit of details, and explain how it’s relevant. Compare CRISPR briefly to other gene insertion methods, and explain why CRISPR could be the best option for us. Mention RFP and puromycin resistance, and cover how they work. Talk about HEK 293T cells. Mention AAVS1 safe harbor site and what that is. Finally, Have a summary paragraph in which you state the purpose of our experiment, your hypothesis AND how you came to this hypothesis, how this was tested (the title of your key methods), and directly state your findings.

Cite at least 5 Primary sources.

I will give an example about that 

You have to do like this example.