Challenges in implementing student-led outreach activities in Africa

My assignment I put two participate my friend I ask them and answer to me. Now, I want u to respond to them. and I attached the article my friend answer.

1-What are the [potential challenges in implementing student-led outreach activities in Africa?

First student: The authors stated that the common feature of student-led outreach is that students take active part in initiating outreach projects, designing and implementing activities, collecting and evaluating participant feedback, and sharing outcomes with the wider public. However, there some challenges in implementing this concept in Africa. Many scientists complain that they have limited or no time for outreach due to burdens at the workplace resulting from understaffing, high teaching loads, administrative responsibilities, and the regular application for research funding.

2- What are the major hindrances to students attaining this vital course?

second student: I would like to answer you second question, which is about the major hindrances to students attaining the vital course. I would start my opinion about the communication skills. Communication Skills are very value especially for individuals who have certain knowledge and they want to share with public and transfer this knowledge for them. Individuals who their careers they have chosen are about the sciences and researches will largely depend on excellent communication skills. For example, graduate students who are budding scientists that they need to use their science communication to spread their knowledge and make a positive change in Africa as an example. However, students and budding scientists face some challenges about communication with publics in Africa. As this article shows lack of interest among some scientists, low availability of training programs for scientists, low literacy rates among the public, and multiplicity of languages are the main challenges which science communication faced in Africa. Science communication activities for budding scientists are a very useful way to approach to public Africans and educate them. Moreover, science communication activities would be achieved by students training. Finally, student-led outreach is a very unique chance for faculty members and graduate students to contribute to outreach activities. Student-led outreach also allows to improve the transferable skills by communicate with African public.