Choosing Interventions

Choosing Interventions

The purpose of this session is to explore how a psychologist chooses empirically supported interventions.


To describe how one chooses empirically supported interventions.

  1. To identify sources of information about empirically supported interventions.
  2. To explore the advantages of using interventions that are supported by research
  3. To identify ways in which one can contribute to the literature about interventions

(Working with Juveniles in the Juvenile Court System)


Locate at least one resource that provides guidelines for choosing empirically supported interventions in your specialty area or for the setting where you are working or for clients with whom you work. Please list this resource in your post this week.

This week we will discuss choosing interventions. It is always important to be able to explain why you are doing whatever it is you choose to do in counseling or other psychological interventions.

How do you choose specific interventions? Where does theory fit into your choices? Where does the treatment/care plan, the diagnosis (if you use one), the goal and/or objective fit? Where does the concept of “best practice” fit in? To what degree are interventions chosen based on the characteristics of the client? Of the problem? Is there a “preferred” (or even mandated) theoretical approach at your site? Incorporate your practicum experience into your response. If citing a case, please take care to appropriate mask specific details e.g. client’s demographic information.