Please do not Bid unless you have the text books: Concepts of Chemical Dependency 10th edition Harold E. Doweiko & DSM-5 American Psychiatric Association.


Review Chapter 9 of your Doweiko textbook on the use and abuse of cocaine.

In this activity you will practice the skill of formulating a clinical framework for clients through the use of case studies.

Case Studies: All case studies used in this course are fictional. Any resemblance to persons, living or deceased, are coincidental. The scenarios vary in complexity. To complete the activity you will need to do the following:

  • Download and read the document titled Case Study 2, Week 2.
  • Write a two-page reaction response.
  • Assess the case for signs and implications that lead you to believe there is chronic cocaine use present using DSM criteria.
  • Note any issues that you the counselor believe may also need to be addressed, or may impact/compound the treatment of the person’s substance use.
  • For any issue not within the scope of your practice, list possible recommendations.
  • Note any potential ethical problems in treating this person.
  • Note any biblical or Christian worldview implications you identify with the case and what a Christian worldview response might be to that problem.