Communication and the Writing Process

Communication and the Writing Process

Throughout the process of writing your dissertation, you will be submitting multiple iterations to your committee. They will respond by providing their feedback, which requires you to expand, clarify, or rewrite your work. After you make the suggested edits and changes, you will resubmit the next iteration for further review. It may be several weeks between your submissions. When sending back your submissions, provide your committee with a record of how you incorporated their feedback and where changes have been made to facilitate your committee’s assessment of each iteration.

Keeping track of changes as your chapters evolve, from paragraphs to pages to separate chapters, is challenging. For this Discussion, examine the changes you have been making to your proposal plan and qualify how your work is evolving.

Post by Day 5 of Week 4 your answers to the following questions:

Where in your proposal plan were changes made?

Was it easy to incorporate the feedback of your peers and committee? Please include in your answer how (or if) your feedback may have been contradictory or if one change required other edits to the rest of your draft.

How confident are you in the overall structure of the plan thus far? Be specific and include what you feel will be your next step(s).