Company’s Submissions

BA 212 Company’s Submissions

  1. How to layout your 2 company’s submissions.  Please put the information in a word document then upload it to the Assignments tab in D2L.  Don’t forget to include your own name.  Include the following for both companies:
  • Company Name
  • SEC Form URL (just copy the URL when you open the SEC form on the library page in the instructions).
  • Management’s Discussion & Analysis, inclusive page numbers (e.g. pages 100-150)
  • Balance Sheet, inclusive page numbers
  • Income Statement, inclusive page numbers
  • Statement of Retained Earnings, inclusive page numbers
  • Statement of Cash Flows, inclusive page numbers
  • Notes to the Financial Statements, inclusive page numbers

class book       1. Horngren’s Financial & Managerial Accounting: The Financial Chapters, Miller-Nobles, Mattison, Matsumura, Pearson Publishing, 5th Edition. Textbook ISBN: 9780134078939 is a 3 hole punch editio