Computer Information System Brief

Computer Information System Brief

ACC 542 Week 1 Individual Assignment Computer Information System Brief

Kudler Fine Foods is a client of the accounting firm where you work. Kudler’s management is interested in effectively integrating technology into its business operations. They have asked you to prepare a brief detailing how computer systems might be more effectively integrated to meet their business needs and improve their accounting operations. Resources: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization found by using the link on your student Web site titled Virtual Business Portal.

Prepare a brief of no more than 1,400 wordsin which you address the following:

Identify Kudler’s key business and accounting information needs.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Kudler’s current computer system and technology use, including hardware and software.

Explain what opportunities Kudler has in terms of technology and provide suggestions for improving Kudler’s ability to maximize these opportunities.

Evaluate the threats that Kudler may encounter given their current systems and offer your suggestions, in terms of using technology.

Use APA formatting where appropriate for references, citations, and title page.