Creation of an ideal society

What kinds of principles should guide the creation of an ideal society?

Essay Prompt

What kinds of principles should guide the creation of an ideal society? Why do you find those

principles convincing? Who might disagree with those principles and why? Try to think of a

practical policy that might advance the set of principles you outlined. What kind of political

contention would occur if you implemented such a policy in the United States? What if it were

implemented in a country with different institutions? How might your proposed policy be

implemented globally? How might the structure and institutions of the international system

undermine or assist your proposal?

Evaluation criteria

You will be evaluated based on whether you…

-Include a clear introduction that roadmaps the paper and motivates your essay

-Effectively argue for a principle of justice, while also pointing out some of the arguments

against it.

-Advocate a policy that is clearly connected to your vision of justice and do a good job of

considering some of the political divisions and contestation the idea might involve in the United

States and in one other country.

-Seriously consider how you might implement a global version of your policy, and some of the

ways the global power structure and institutions might produce conflict (or cooperation) over

your proposal.

-Effectively summarizing your paper with a conclusion, and fleshing out the implications of your