Criminal Justice Process

Criminal Justice Process

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  • Reference and Citation Examples, located in the Center for Writing Excellence
  • CJi Interactive

Complete the following CJi Interactive:

  • Ch. 1: Learning Modules
    • Criminal Justice Goals
    • Criminal Justice Process
    • Due Process vs. Crime Control
  • Ch. 1: Myths & Issues Videos
    • Issue 1: Is the Criminal Justice System Really a System?
  • Ch. 2: Learning Modules
    • Defining Crime
    • Violent Crime
    • Property Crime
    • White Collar and Organized Crime
  • Ch. 2: Myths & Issues Videos
    • Issue 1: Crime v. Deviance

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that includes the following:

  • Define crime, its relationship to the law, and the two most common models of how society determines which acts are criminal.
  • Describe the government structure as it applies to the criminal justice system.
  • Identify choice theories and their assumptions in regards to crime.
  • Describe the components of the criminal justice system and the criminal justice process.
  • Identify ethical challenges in criminal justice.

Include information learned from the CJi Interactive activities in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.