Define the concept of heuristics

Define the concept of heuristics

Question 1

A police officer is interviewing a young child about a possible instance of child abuse. What should the interviewer do and avoid doing?

Question 2

Define the concept of heuristics. In addition, define availability heuristic and representative heuristic and give an example of each type of heuristic.

Question 3

Individuals sometimes face a choice among a huge number of options. For example, when you go to a library to check out a book, do you go through every book to find the perfect book for your mood or do you browse several books until you find one that looks interesting? People generally follow two strategies: maximizing and satisficing. Define each term and describe which of the above scenarios goes with each.

Question 4

Describe two explanations for the g factor in intelligence.

Question 5

Define reliability and validity. Can a test have high reliability and low validity or vice versa?

Question 6

What would be the strongest evidence that an IQ test is biased against some group?

Question 7

Describe the key differences between REM sleep and other stages of sleep.

Question 8

Briefly describe sleep apnea and narcolepsy.