demonstrate your understanding of the application of career development theories and the practices of career interventions.

Career development profile paper

This assignment is aimed to demonstrate your understanding of the application of career development theories and the practices of career interventions.

You will conduct a semi-structured career development interview with an individual in educational or career exploration/transition (i.e., graduation, career change, retirement). \

Your 6-8 page,

double-spaced paper

will include four components:

1) the interviewee’s educational and career development narrative,

2) nature of the interviewee’s career/educational development needs or concerns,

3) application of one or more career theories that informs the understanding of the person’s career narrative, and

4) recommendations for additional career interventions, resources, or assessments that would be beneficial to the interviewee.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association

You are to research, compose, and type a scholarly paper based on the scenario described above. Choose one ending to the scenario to discuss within the body of your paper. Reflect on what you have learned in this class to date about technology, privacy concerns, and legal and ethical issues. These concepts must be addressed in your paper as you consider the use of smartphones and social media in healthcare. Consider the consequences of such a scenario. Do not limit your review of the literature to the nursing discipline only. Other health professionals are using the technology, and you may need to apply critical thinking skills to its applications in this scenario.
Use Microsoft Word and APA formatting. Consult your copy of the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, sixth edition, as well as the resources in Doc Sharing if you have questions (e.g., margin size, font type and size (point), use of third person, etc.). Take advantage of the writing service Smarthinking, which is accessed by clicking on the link called the Tutor Source, found under the Course Home area.
The length of the paper should be four to five pages, excluding the title page and the reference page. Limit the references to a few key sources (minimum of three required).
The paper will contain an introduction that catches the attention of the reader with interesting facts and supporting sources of evidence, which should be included as in-text citations. The body should present the advantages and disadvantages regarding the use of smartphones and social media in healthcare and apply professional, ethical, and legal principles to the appropriate use of this technology. The conclusion and recommendations should summarize your findings after choosing one of the four possible conclusions and discuss your reflection(s) and what you have learnedregarding the scenario and potential outcomes that resulted. Make your case based on the evidence you have collected.
All work must be original (in your own words). Your paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when submitted to the Dropbox. Please do not submit the paper multiple times!

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