Dependability of Leadership and Management in Nursing

Dependability of Leadership and Management in Nursing

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TOPIC OF PAPER: ( Dependability of Leadership and Management in Nursing )

Comprehensive FINAL (Conceptual) PAPER
To demonstrate writing skills and mastery of the course content, the student will write a comprehensive leadership concept analysis paper. Emphasis of the paper will be on a demonstration of new knowledge, learning through documentation and research, and the student’s ability to use writing as a process for developing critical thinking. Concepts for this exercise must pertain to Leadership and Management in the profession of nursing.

Total Possible Points: 100

Grading Criteria

I. Introduction (20 points) _______
a. Thesis statement
b. Definition of concept and Background information on concept.

II. Literature Review (20 points) ________
a. Current Research on the topic (at least two journal articles must be
b. Theory/theories addressing the concept (with citations)
c. Journals and books addressing the concept (with citations)

III. Analysis and Application (30 points) _______
a. Analysis of concept as it pertains to leading and managing
b. Implications (good and bad) for inclusion of concept within
leadership environment
c. Evaluation of known outcomes when concept applied to leading
and managing in nursing.

V. Conclusion (20 points) _______
a. Concise summation of the main and supporting ideas of the paper.
b. No introduction of new material
c. Final summary statement (addresses the thesis statement)

VI. APA format; composition/word use; spelling/punctuation/grammar/paragraph length (10 points) ________
a. Appropriate headings, in-text citations, reference page citations

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