Difference between prejudice and discrimination

What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination?

1. What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination? What are three possible explanations for prejudice. How does the just-world hypothesis support the act of discrimination? Include in your discussion, the notion of automatic prejudice.

2. Frank is your best friend. He is 23 years old, college educated, and has just recently gotten a job as the accountant in the town where he grew up. You want to set him up on a date with a girl you know from school. She lives in another state but travels locally for business almost every month. She is vice president of a large marketing firm at the young age of 25. Applying the factors of attraction, how likely is this match?

3. What can a student of psychology learn about human nature by studying the experiments of Milgram, Zimbardo and Asch?

4. Ken, Elizabeth, and Charlie are in charge of a week-long Chinese language summer camp. This year, they promised the children’s parents that they would try to get the children to spend at least five hours a day practicing their Chinese: In their experience, however, campers usually prefer other camp activities (hiking, canoeing, etc.) to language practice. Explain how Ken, Elizabeth, and Charlie could use the psychological principles below to encourage campers to complete their five hours of language practice per day.

Positive reinforcement

Negative reinforcement

Central route persuasion

Foot-in-the-door phenomenon

Superordinate goal