Different people are motivated differently, and the motivation is determined by the desire of such an individual. For instance, extrinsically motivated individuals get their drive from the fact that they do not what to do anything which might bring punishment or negative outcome.

4-Different people are motivated differently, and the motivation is determined by the desire of such an individual. For instance, extrinsically motivated individuals get their drive from the fact that they do not what to do anything which might bring punishment or negative outcome. This means that the factors which are motivating the individual are from outside and they may comprise of a good grade, recognition or financial benefits among others. On the other hand, individuals who are intrinsically motivated get their drive from within themselves. As a leader, I would motivate an intrinsically motivated individual by determining what drives the person then nature those factors. For instance, to the nurses who strive to bring the best to the patient, I would motivate them by encouraging them during the council meeting. To the nurses who are motivated extrinsically, I will find what drives them and nature them to improve service delivery (Katzenbach, & Smith, 2015).

As part of management in my department, I spend a lot of time talking to the patients, and if they happen to share a positive experience with a particular nurse, I always recognize them b writing a “Thank You” note and give them an opportunity to share their story during our meetings. Most of the nurses who are performing better in my department say that they are happy to be in a team where they are given an opportunity to give their views, and they are motivated once they meet their target or go out their way to help the patients in their best way possible. As a leader, I make sure that there is a good and clear communication channel in my department and this has seen us be voted the best department in our facility.


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5- There are differences between individuals who are intrinsically motivated and those who are extrinsically motivated. According to the Vanderbilt University website, intrinsically motivated people find joy and accomplishment from learning something, and they find a way that it is relevant to their life (Mcdaniel, 2018). Someone who is intrinsically motivated will likely self-sustain this type of learning; this is an advantage, as it allows for life-long learning of the individual (Mcdaniel, 2018). It would be necessary to understand what is truly interesting to the individual before attempting to motivate. Since this comes from within a person, the interest needs to come genuinely from that particular individual. Mcdaniel states that using extrinsic rewards to someone who is intrinsically motivated can actually have a negative impact, as it takes away the intrinsic desire to learn (2018).

Extrinsically motivated people find their motivation from other’s expectations; the expectations can come from wanting to please parents, obtain good grades, please role models, etc. (Mcdaniel, 2018). The advantage of extrinsic motivation includes the relatively quick behavior change of the individual, for example, the student receiving a scholarship will be motivated to keep up their grades in order to keep the scholarship money (Mcdaniel, 2018). Motivation for this individual could be as simple as a reward for doing well. For example, everyone who receives a “B” or higher on the test will get to participate in a pizza party.

There are different characteristics that a performance driven team embodies. “These include a common purpose; agreed-on performance goals or results-driven structure; competent members; a common approach for the work; complementary skills; a collaborative relationships; mutual accountability; standards of excellence; external support; and principled leadership” (Huber, 2014, p. 135). Normal guidelines need to be developed before the group beings working together. I have personally seen this used in my nurse residency program that my facility enrolls me in. During the first day, the instructor asked the class for guidelines and rules for the class. The class came up with them, and we will be held accountable to our rules for the duration of the residency. I feel that developing the guidelines as team will help with the receptiveness of the rules.

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6- thank you for your response. You are blessed to be working in such a supportive, respectful, and rewarding environment. Sounds like you are good team members; there’s strong communication skills, trust, and friendship. Also, you all share the same goal: to provide excellent nursing care to all patients whether it is your patient or your colleagues. I can imagine that the energy on your unit is pleasant and you problem solve well? Nice to know that if you have a stressful day where you’re feeling overwhelmed, somebody will come and assist. My unit is similar to what you’re describing. It makes a big difference to be able to count on your co-workers, and they know they can count on you as well. Thank you. I am happy for you.


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