Career Portfolio: Career Summary

Part II: Career Summary

For this part of the assignment you’ll complete a career summary which includes several parts including your desired outcome and career goals: your “Mission Statement” (which may be very similar to your statement of career objectives), a summary of your present reality and your chosen career outlook.

In a 1 to 2 page Word document (.doc) create a three part “mission statement” for your personal, academic and professional life at this time. Discuss how your “present reality” coincides with that mission. In addition, using the Internet, try to find as much about your chosen career(s) as you can from the categories listed below and include a summary of that information your submission:

  • The general employment outlook in your area (how likely are you to find a job in the next 2-5 years in this career?).
  • How much this career pays, on average, in your location.
  • How “new” your career is to the market.
  • How much training is generally required to enter the field in this career?
  • What is the potential for advancement in this career.

Be sure to label each section of your submission appropriately. Along with your paper, include all of the web sites you used in writing your paper. Please site all sources appropriately and abide by all plagiarism policies outlined in your course.


Please note that you should submit 1 (one) document which includes both pieces of this assignment (the three part mission statement and career research)



Example 1 Mission Statement

Personal- I stand for a world that is safer, where justice can be served.

Academic- I am committed to obtaining my degree as a Crime Scene Investigator.

Professional- I am committed to aiding the world to become safer by helping the community where I live take criminals off the streets using my skills as a Crime Scene Investigator.

My current reality is beginning school to become a crime scene investigator. I can move toward this mission by continuing my education, devouring as much information as possible to become a great crime scene investigator. I can learn more about my community, find out more about the agencies, and people involved with our police department and local politics governing laws.

I now realize that you have to visualize the mission and not stress on how to get there because if you do, sub-consciously it brings you right back to your current reality.

Example 2 My Mission Statement

I am committed to making nursing homes a better place for the elderly.

Academically I plan to acquire the degrees necessary to establish a career that will give me the ability to manage the care and treatment of patients at nursing homes.

Professionally I plan to make the nursing home environment better. I will provide the essential elements to change the way patients get treated.

Personally I will gain the satisfaction of knowing that I achieved the fulfillment of helping others. I will also be able to give my family the life we deserve both financially and mentally.

Currently my mission statement and my present reality only meet at one place, the fact that I care about the elderly. My present reality falls short of my mission statement but my goal does not reflect that. My goals are set beyond my current abilities giving me the first step I need to make my future a reality. I believe through hard work and a little time I will be able to get where I want to be and maybe even beyond. If you set your goals and that picture is strong enough your mind will find a way to make that goal a reality. You don’t need to know the how you just need to know what it is that you want.

Example 3 My Mission Statement


“I am committed to completing my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice while going to school full time, with a GPA of 3.0 or more by being honest, committed, and the person I know I can be.”


“I am committed to being a respected Law Enforcement Officer, by being properly trained and educated along with going above and beyond my own expectations to help people not only be safe, but to also inspire and defer the others to stay on the right side of the Law.”


“I am committed to creating a safe and caring world by being a dedicated, honest, and alert individual.”

My present reality coincides with my mission, by setting realistic goals to attain my mission and by thinking that I already have it. I believe that thinking I already have something, will cause me to reach out and get what it is that I want. Doing so I believe will end in my present reality and my mission to agree exactly and or, happen at the same time.


Example of Career Research Exercise (Real Estate)

The two careers that interests me are, working in Real State and in the Finance Industry. Real State is not easy as you have to know a lot of people in your area or have a lot of referrals from friends or family. First you have to have a State License you are in and that generally requires taking classes for at least one month, or depending on how much time you take to finish the hours. There are 75 hours that must be completed for State Licensure in North Carolina. It is not expensive but the training can be rigorous. You cannot miss any days from school. You basically can select any Realty office to train for Licensure. After you have earned your license you will work under someone that is experienced and licensed to get knowledge and also to make base for your future.

Employment outlook in my area for Real Estate is very good because NC is growing at an exceptional rate. People are moving from every state to be here. I want to be a Real Estate agent and complete my education in Business and Finance. A career in this field is good because the state is growing fast and they are building lots of houses and villas. Having a Business degree also helps because knowing the market and having an education in Business is beneficial.

This career pays well in NC on average people without any referrals or experience make about $23K to $30K a month by only selling or buying homes. But the catch is that the house should be around $300 to $500K. There is the opportunity to make money but it is necessary to have referrals as well. My career choice is not new to the market. If you follow the rules and do a good job you can make lots of money in this Industry.

Having a financial background I will be able to process the loans and do everything for clients per their needs. Financial knowledge does play a major role after selling a house. I can also process mortgages but I will need a license for that as well. This field has lot of room for advancements. An academic background in Finance can help in a lot of areas such as working with the Stock Market, becoming a CPA and working in a Bank. Financial Analysts can make around $50 to $80K annually.  In my opinion, both career choices suit me because I am an outgoing person with others; that likes working with numbers and pays close attention to detail.

References  HPW Real Estate School (2011).  Retrieved from http://www.hpwreschool.com  FM Realty (2011) Retrieved from http://www.fmrealty.com  Payscale (2011). Retrieved from http://www.payscale.com

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