discuss where you see yourself in the counseling skills process. 

For this discussion, find a short sample of a counseling session either in your book, or on a video available on the internet (there are many on YouTube).  Do not use the one assigned for this module.   Be sure to cite your session in your book, or provide the link if it is on the internet.

Using your sample session, identify several of the concepts in chapter one and three and discuss where you see yourself in the counseling skills process.  Avoid being overly flattering as you are not expected to have great counseling skills at this point.  In fact, you will only begin to develop those even by the end of this course.  Discuss the things you noticed in your reading that stood out to you as areas you might need to explore and work on as you go through this course.  Be sure to identify and cite these concepts in APA format in your discussion (and include the full reference at the bottom).

Be sure to reply to AT LEAST two other students in a respectful and helpful manner, using proper netiquette.  Be sure your reply does more than say “good job.”  Discuss the actual issues and content, or the replies will receive little to no credit.

Feel free to discuss more than the minimum, and check back in the discussion board often to continue the discussion.

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