Discussion 1

this is a “guessing game” so make sure not to give away the name of the type of menu you are describing (in the post or in the reference- use xxx if needed in the reference).

Please post your menus here. You should be using your learning and creativity to design these menus. DO NOT copy and paste a menu from the internet or other printed source.Even if you have cited these correctly to avoid plagiarism this will not show your own learning or understanding of this topic.

However, much as we do in real life, you can find recipes online and use those as a basis for a meal idea. For example, if you find a great vegetarian lasagna recipe online you might include 1/4 vegetable lasagna as part of the dinner and link to the recipe as a reference. You may find a great salad idea too and for lunch perhaps you would include it as 1 quinoa salad with chickpeas and vegetables (example recipe name) and then as a reference link to it. The 2 recipes are independent of each other so they aren’t a copied meal plan. This is acceptable. In this example you would just need to fill in breakfast and the snacks.

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