Infectious and Chronic Diseases

Imagine you are in charge of your local health department. You have found that your community has an epidemic of one of the diseases below (as noted by your last name).

Explain the actions you should take to reduce or stop the spread of the disease in your community. Develop a policy brief that you would implement to ensure that the disease incidence rate is reduced or eliminated.

Infectious Diseases:

Chronic Diseases:

Last Name A-B:

West Nile Virus

Last Name M-N:

Type II Diabetes (childen)

Last Name C-D:


Last Name O-P:

Obesity & Overweight (adults)

Last Name E-F:


Last Name Q-R:

Lung Cancer

Last Name G-H:

Hepatitis B (acute form)

Last Name S-T:

Depression/Mental Health

Last Name I-J:


Last Name U-W:

Oral Diseases

Last Name K-L:


Last Name X-Z:

Heart Disease

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