Discussion Board

Activity Directions

For this forum, we will look at the topic of Biosolids disposal through the EPA 503 regulations. This is a major issue that all waste water treatment plants must address in order to meet their NPDES discharge permits. By removing the biosolids they reduce the BOD demand on a receiving water body if they discharge.

Pre-Discussion Work

To begin this assignment, review the following resource, Go the the EPA Page on Biosolids and specifically the portion on removing pathogens. Specifically review the section on ” Process to further reduce pathogens (PFRP) ” in addition to other information on treating biosolids.

Drafting Your Response

Next, prepare your forum post by creating a Word or Google document. On your document, answer the following questions:

  • What is the basic priciple behind the 503 requirements for biosolids?
  • If you were a treatment plant operator which quality of biosolids would you produce and why?

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