disease surveillance system to monitor HIV/AIDS



7 pages not including title and reference page APA format



Overview of the sections of the Scholar-Practitioner Project:

Disease surveillance is an essential part of public health. It provides valuable information to public health officials, allowing them to detect and prevent the spread of disease. In your Scholar-Practitioner Project, you create a disease surveillance system to monitor HIV/AIDS.. The assignments in this course, including the assignment due this week (described below), all represent sections of a Scholar-Practitioner Project that you will submit in its final form in Week 10. Each week (except Week 7) you will complete a brief assignment and submit it for grading and feedback. Each component is due by Day 7 of its respective week. Be sure to use your Instructor’s feedback on each submission to revise it before incorporating it into your final Scholar-Practitioner Project.


In Week 1, (HISTORY OF SURVEILLANCE) you write a analyzing the influence that specific historical events have had in the evolution of disease surveillance systems. In addition, you forecast the next phase(s) in disease surveillance and explain how the changes that you predict will impact public health policy and practice.

In Week 2, (Surveillance Subject and Data Sources)   you write about identifying the disease or condition that is the focus of your surveillance system. In addition, you evaluate potential data sources and processes associated with collecting and analyzing the data you identify.

In Week 3, (Traditional vs. Syndromic Surveillance)  you write about analyzing the practical ramifications of identifying, collecting, validating, and analyzing data for syndromic surveillance. In addition, you compare your analysis to traditional disease surveillance.

In Week 4 (Algorithm)  you write about explaining the algorithm of your surveillance system, including the strengths and limitations of the algorithm to monitor disease.

In Week 5, (Digital Dashboard)  you create a mock-up of a “digital dashboard” for your disease surveillance system.

In Week 6 (System Comparison)  you write about  analyzing and comparing modern disease surveillance systems implemented at the local, state, regional, and national levels used to monitor the disease or condition you selected.

In Week 8 (Tele-health) you write about analyzing the implications of tele-health for the surveillance of the disease/condition you selected and describe how you could incorporate tele-health into your surveillance system.

In Week 9 , you write about  that provides an overview of a selected country and condition or disease.

In Week 10, you submit your completed Scholar-Practitioner Project. It will consist of sections submitted in previous weeks, revised to reflect your Instructor’s feedback, as well as several new components.


1.Table of Contents (New – Week 10)

2. Executive Summary (New – Week 10)

a. Write a 1-paragraph summary of the main points and conclusions of the Project report.

3..Research and identify two or three additional peer-reviewed articles (beyond your Learning Resources) related to evaluating disease surveillance systems.

Write a 2-page paper in which you:

i. Propose how you would evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the disease surveillance system you have developed throughout the course.

ii. Identify and define the criteria you will include in your evaluation.

iii. Justify the selection of evaluation criteria.

iv. Cite the two or three articles that informed your research for this section.

4)System Analysis (New – Week 10)

b. Write a 2–page paper in which you analyze the cost, functionality, timeframe, and social, political, environmental, and economic elements of your surveillance system.

5)Improving Disease Surveillance in Developing Countries (Week 9) (DON’T DO THIS SECTION)

6)Conclusion (New – Week 10)

c. Write a  2-page summary of your Project including a review of the purpose and goals of the Project, salient research findings, system features, analysis, implications, and limitations.

7)References (New – Week 10)

d. Compile your reference list of research and Project resources compiled in APA format.

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