Distinguish between assertive and submissive communication styles in business

Distinguish between assertive and submissive communication styles in business


The rapid development of the business has led to people more aware of the importance of communication links and a fitting way to communicate often determines the success or failure of communication. Assertive and submissive are two opposite kinds of communication styles. Assertive behavior means standing up for your rights and expressing your truths in a way that neither shrinks from what you want to communicate nor assumes that they are the only valid truths. Assertiveness also includes recognizing and respecting the equality, rights and truths of other people. In contrast, submissive often only listen to the views and suggestions of others, there has not been much of a person and rarely express their views. The next article will introduce which is more suitable and efficient in business. First of all, assertive is not in variable as arrogant. It means not to follow instructions, this is particularly important in three points: The first point. Assertive behavior is based on high self-esteem and the acceptance of self. The second point. Aggressive behavior is based on domination and often leads to conflict. The third point. Submissive behavior comes from low-self-esteem.

The main purpose of this paper is to distinguish between assertive and submissive role and influence in business activities. Brondmo gave a view which is a very important issue, because the attitude and the way a business negotiation determines the success or failure also means that customers can get trust and respect(Brondmo, 2003). In a survey of personnel managers, Curtis, Winsor, and Stephens (1989) found that communication skills are more critical than technical skills and accomplishments degree. So what kind of communication is more likely to be accepted by the people, will be given in the next article.


Today, a variety of means of communication, such as advertising, conversation, body language, confidence and obedience but often have the opposite result (Woods,2009). Sometimes assertive communication is not bad for work. This is because when people are very confident about something. They can stick to their point of view. This is very important for work. However, people that have assertive communication more often than not will stick to their own ideas even if they are wrong. At such moments, people should change their mind and go to the right approach. Nevertheless, But after studied shows that assertive people are often willing to communicate with people, and to express their views so that other people convince (Reid & Hammersley ,2000). Evaluate people’s level of assertiveness. Sometimes when people face a problem and nobody can solve the problem. At this time other people can give a plan to solve the problem, this assertiveness is good, it is pleasant for the people who cannot give the answer. Stay true to themselves. Altering people’s style to be more assertive so that they can feel inauthentic, but it doesn’t have to be. Downing opinion given in 1995, assertive behavior may lead to a stronger, more supportive relationship can serve as a buffer against stress (Downing, 1995). You’re not changing your character; people cannot change their character. People made their own performance deliberate choice. From some of the things that might exhibit indifference, but don’t mind it. In such ways, assertive communication enables us to swap old behavior patterns for a more constructive approach to live our life.


Allan and Gilbert studies demonstrated that the study found that depressed people tend to be a vulnerable, often using submissive behavior(Allan & Gilbert, 1997). Nevertheless, if staff use submissive communication style in business, maybe they can get more chances from customer or leader. As a leader, I think the leader should be more assertiveness in communication. If you become a leader in the future, there are a lot of employees, leader stay confident and employees will obey the leader. This is very important for a company. However, as an employee, they should be more submissive. This is because why they must follow the rule and follow the leader. When the leader is making decisions, employee cannot change it so we just follow them. It is good for the company. As a salesperson. There are many customers need to contact. In such situations, the salesman must adopt the submissive communication style talk to customer (Brinker 2009). However, it is interesting that in surveys done of assertive outreach team composition, it is the nursing profession that predominates(Wright, Burns, James, Billings, Johnson, Muijen, et al 2003). If customers feel comfortable and satisfied, they will buy the product or cooperate with seller. This is of great importance to a sales staff. A relationship with the customer is very important.



No matter how successful you are approved as a business person, they must know when to apply assertive or submissive communication styles. This can help the businessman to be more successful. Either the people who are the leader or the staff, they should know when to adopt which style of communication. It looks like a simple question, but it’s not easily answered. Assertive communication to be established on the basis of mutual respect and self-confidence does not mean the right and in the communication process to accept the opinions of others. For the obedience of the people, nor can consistently hear other people’s opinions and ideas, to grasp the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas. So choose the right way to communicate might decide the success or failure of a business negotiation. Over all, whether they are acquiescence, aggressive or assertive depends on the situation, and the person who talking to. We should use the appropriate communication style in business. This can make things simpler and easier.


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