Does the US spend too much money on military spending

Does the US spend too much money on military spending?

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Does the US spend too much money on Military Spending?

The issue of the United States spending a lot of money on the military and somehow ignoring other parts of the economy whereby such amounts of money could have been used is a big concern to most citizens of the US. Therefore this paper is about the US monetary expenditure on the military. The military budget is already too high and the other sectors of the economy are lagging instead of this money being used for such projects and issues like health care. This topic is very important and it affirms my stand that it is important to focus on other sectors of the economy rather than focusing solely on the military. This is because the other parts of the economy might benefit the citizens more than the investment in the military.

The military has a budget of about 700 billion US dollars. This is one of the highest budgets on the military in any part of the world and, intriguingly, it was passed during the senate. This is because even with some parts of the country struggling with basic needs for the citizens the senate passed the budget which is considered by a lot of people as overly exaggerated. One way that the US military uses a lot of money is the commercials and other forms of advertising. Therefore it is true that the US military has a lot of budgets and spends a lot of money.

Therefore it is important and necessary to review this spending and the budget to make it possible for the excess amount of money allocated to the military to be used on other sectors of the economy which need the money more than the military.

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