Doing Business After School




Doing Business After School

After school, one has to decide on what to do, either get employed, become self-employed or go on with studies. The decision made on what to do after school is very important. Business has proven to be a good career to venture either during or after studies. Not unless the business is poorly managed, most of the people who venture into business are successful. Many business men will always stay keen and pay attention in their business that is why they are the greatest employers in the nation. Success being the case I would like to venture into the business world after my graduation. While many think that business can be risky and comes with a lot of responsibilities including ups and downs with the legal society, it is good to give it a try and get to experience what it means to venture into business. As for my case I would like to get into the oil and gas business.

First, oil and gas business have proven to have great returns be it for a starter on one who already has a big company. Oil and gas is a contributing factor to the nation’s income, it earns the country over 15% of the total funds the country make in a year (Carrillo, pg. 636). My father is one of the key inspirations to me in doing oil and gas business after graduation. Over 70% of the Americans use oil because the majority own cars, and the majority of the households use gas. The greater number of Americans using oil and gas is a motivational factor since as a starter there is ready market more so in the next neighbourhood because they must use oil and gas. This is the reason as to why my dad ventured in to the business and he is doing well.

Venturing into business give one a chance to get self-employed and employ others. Self-employment is what many wish for. Being self-employed means you can control your own business without much pressure that comes with employment (Zanakis, Stelios H., Maija Renko, and Amanda Bullough pg. 4). Everyone starting a business happens to be motivated by financial outcomes so do I. for this case oil and gas business will help me to be self-employed and motivated by the financial outcomes.

To make a transition in the business, one should be self-confident, since it is the confidence that is needed to take the risks of investing funds in an outcome that is not known. One can either get a profit or loss. Also, one should be motivated by non-financial outcomes since it can be stressing to make a loss on the first sell if one expected a profit thus the business may end up collapsing. Lastly the environment and social contacts should be well established. The above factors can help in transitioning from a small scale to a large scale business.

Conclusively, oil and gas business is a business that is worth trying, having all the supporting factors to get into it. Risks are also good, for entrepreneurs, the business does not stop after the first loss, it is all about trying. From the above reasons I find myself confident to give it a try in the oil and gas business before doing something else after graduation.

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