Domestic violence in San Antonio

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October being the domestic violence awareness month it is important to talk about this issue so as to save as many lives as possible. Domestic violence has always been a big problem and especially at this time of corona virus when people have been in quarantine for so long which is unusual. Different people have had different experiences of quarantine, some are good while others are bad and focusing on the issue of domestic violence it has been a great problem among many families not only in the USA but also in the whole world.

Domestic violence in San Antonio

Patricia Castillo informs the audience that the city has tried their level best to make sure that the issues to do with domestic violence in San Antonio go down, however their efforts have been fruitless especially in the time of corona. “I wish we were here celebrating a year of reduced number of domestic violence but we are not” (-57:34). It is through her words that we can see the reality of whatever she is saying that even though the efforts are there to reduce the number of domestic challenges and violence it is very complicated and difficult to control it even though the efforts are also not in vain they help so much.

Quarantine as a causative agent

During the corona period people have had to be armed so as to protect themselves from abusive family members and spouses as Patricia says “most of you might have heard people who had to purchase fire arms for the first time” (-56:41). This clearly indicates that the situation in most families and homes has got out of hand and it is difficult for the members of the family to live in peace.

Mandy Lynn also shares her story about how she has been in an abusive family environment as from a very young age and it went along every step of her life to show her family disorientation and family disunity which ultimately leads to violence. “Abuse is abuse no matter how many times in between times it takes place” (Lynn M., 2020). Therefore it is necessary to focus on what healing and getting away from abusive family members. Delaine Mathieu (2020) “…having a fire arm increases the rate of domestic violence by 400%.”


It is also easily identifiable that most of the people who go through domestic violence and are affected most in a negative manner are women as even in the video we see that they are the majority of the presenters who are giving their domestic violence stories. However I firmly believe that there are men who go through the same thing, the difference is just in the personalities as men are more quiet and expected to be strong and firm according to most social upbringing of many cultures and through this men may not be in a position to talk about what they go through but it is indeed possible that they go through a lot. Lloyd Doggett says talks of the progress in addressing domestic violence and through his speech we can identify the efforts the government has put into reducing the cases of domestic violence.

Even through it is true that domestic violence exists it would be correct to say that there have been issues which have led to increased levels of domestic violence during the days of quarantine. This can be affiliated to the lack of adequate money to provide for the family as well as the drastic change of the way of life which most people had not been used to and therefore in the search of coping mechanisms with the challenges brought in by corona we see the drastic rise in the number of domestic challenges and violence witnessed in the late few days.

It is important to encourage people to talk over issues and solve their issues as well as provide counselling support to the people having such kind of issues because without proper care the society may get full of chaos which is harmful to the common good which should always exist.


Alexandria Gonzalez talks of her experience and as she finishes she states that “even though a person may live through the trauma of the moment the scars of that specific moment are forever imprinted deep within.” Therefore this calls for every one of us to treat each other with kindness because people always are hurting and we never know.


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