Don’t judge a book by its cover

Respond to the following with at least 150 words each:


The main message of this video is to never judge a book by its cover. To form a perception of someone or something without any prior knowledge regarding that person or thing is always wrong. Knowing only one side of a story is never good because it only focuses on the view point of one angle and not the whole thing. “Single Stories” create stereotypes that are biased statements. So whether its thoughts on diversity, ethical groups, religious groups, or any political or social problems, all facts should be gather before forming an opinion. This video relates to our class in many aspects. One way would be to continue reading and listening until the end because you never should form a viewpoint on something until you know all of the facts. Secondly, it also relates to our class because it gives us an insight on different cultural variances with this one in particular being about Africa.


  1. While I was watching the assigned video, the old saying of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” came to mind. An assumption cannot be developed simply off of one person’s version or interpretation of such things as racial groups, religions, communities and/or professions. “Single Stories” can be dangerous if a person is not willing to consider that there is diversity in all groups whether it be race, occupations or cultures.
  2. The video relates to our class by pointing out the cultural variances the world incorporates. The presenter was addressing the fact that some people judge others based on someone else’s analysis. I feel that this class will give us a better understanding of the world and its differences.
  3. The speaker did a wonderful job incorporating personal moments, humor and tragedy in her speech. It held my interest which is usually difficult.