Dying to be Thin

Watch the video “Dying to be Thin,” then share what you learned from the video and the significance of this information. Minimum 150 words.

For full credit, write a meaningful response to another student’s post.

LINK FOR  “Dying to be Thin,” :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMyumga-Jr8 

another student response is

 “Dying to be Thin” was a heartbreaking video to watch. I was surprised to learn that three in every hundred women are likely to develop the eating disorder of anorexia. And watching the interviews of women who were anorexic, there was an overall theme that these women had traumatic or emotional experiences when they were growing up. And as they developed they turned to anorexia most likely as a psychological form of control over their body. Unfortunately external influences from society don’t help prevent women from becoming anorexic. As Joan Jacobs Brumberg, the author of “Fasting Girls”, said our whole society is involved with trying to be “perfect”. And society “rewards” women for being under the normal weight with positive attention. Sadly while these women feel empowered and rewarded, they don’t realize the detrimental health effects such as bone degradation. Fortunately, I believe that society’s views of a “perfect” body image for a woman is distancing from underweight, as a response to the recent trend towards fitness and even the Kardashians.