Emergency Response Times in trauma calls

I need a research about this topic: Emergency Response Times in trauma calls

The paper should be no longer than 10 pages, plus the title and references pages, and MUST be completed in APA format.

Introduction and Thesis Statement: The introduction is engaging, leads to the main topic, and presents the structure of the paper. Thesis statement clearly and concisely states the paper’s purpose in a single sentence that is engaging and thought provoking.

Review of Literature: The literature review is present and presents a critical analysis and synthesis of the existing research. Transition and flow are smooth. Quoted materials are used only when the specific wording is itself crucial to conveying an author’s point of view.

Result and Summary: All data is recorded and organized in a clear manner. All visible observations are provided, along with complete and correct analysis of data. Errors of experimentation are provided. A summary is present that reviews or summarizes key points and provides a smooth transition between sections.

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