ENGR101 Mech Tech Truss Bridge Design Engineering Problem Solving

Project name is: Truss Bridge Design

I am required to write ONLY and ONLY! the (Problem Statement) and (Future work) Parts of the Technical report

I will upload the project description to help you writing this part, so read it please.

Also I will upload my group tech report to help as well. which has some of the parts of the report written

Here are the hints and the way to write the ( Problem Statement and Future Work ) as the instructor wants it:

Problem Statement

  • Included as a subheading of the introduction
  • State what problem you were trying to solve
    • Answer “What is the problem?”, not “what problems did you face”
  • Include specific objects that should be accomplished to answer this problem or meet this need
  • Do not explain how the work was done. Explain the overarching problem(s) you are trying to solve. Describe the more specific objectives of the project. Break down each specific objective/ thing you are going to do in this project. Do not explain how the work was done. No result or conclusions.
  • I should be able to look over the paragraph in the end and determine if you met your specific goals
  • About 2-3 paragraphs

Future work:

  • Improvements on the current design or experiment
    (note this is not a place where you tell the reader you should have taken better/more accurate data)
  • describe what corrections you recommended for this particular design or experiment? what should be continued? how can this product be better?
  • describe future or recommended work. What is the next step for this project? What is the planned next? what applications are there for this in real life ( How can what you designed or come up with be applied into a different problem )? come up with at least 2 suggestions for applications in other fields or in real life at least 2 paragraphs of content.

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