Ethical Management

Ethical Management Paper

  • Regarding the Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, discuss the researchers’ rationale for launching and conducting these studies.
  • Discuss the methodologies utilized in the Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study
  • Discuss the ethical problems inherent in the research protocols of both studies, including examples from the conduct of each study.
  • Discuss the biomedical ethical principles proposed in the Belmont Report and the application of each of these principles to biomedical research and practice.

Papers totaling less than 1000 words (not including any front matter or references), will receive an automatic 5-point deduction from the assignment grade.

Your paper must include four citations (references) in APA format, not including citations of the four target articles/reports.

Do not copy the content of the assigned articles. All Week One Assignment content must be original. Originality is evaluated by SafeAssign.

Your Week One Assignment SafeAssign Originality score must be below 20%. Week One Assignments with a SafeAssign Originality greater than 20% will receive a grade of zero.

Quoted phrases, typically, should not be longer than 10 words.

The recommended font is either Times New Roman (12-point) or Century Schoolbook (12-point).

Grading will be based on the substantive aspects and clarity of the paper and whether the student has demonstrated the ability to write critically and analytically.