Ethics Application on climate change

Write an ethics application that is titled ‘Quantifying the public consensus on anthropogenic global warming (4 – 5 Pages)

You will develop and plan a fieldwork component for their thesis (regardless of whether they intend to conduct fieldwork) and complete an ethics application accordingly. This comprises the following components:

  • Description of the proposed research and methods (up to 2 pages) – This should include information on your research topic, proposed research methods, a justification for these methods, potential ethical considerations, proposed research participants and methods of recruitment.
  • Student course-based ethics application form.
  • Participant information sheet (1 page) – This should briefly explain the project to potential participants. It should include: the project title, research question, methods, recruitment, and requirements of participation.
  • Consent form (1 page) – All project participants will be required to sign a consent form.
  • Interview/focus group schedules (up to 2 pages) – A list of questions, as well as pre- and post- checklists.

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