Evaluation essay





Evaluation essay


People have differing views regarding the characteristics of a musician. For one, an accomplished musician should have superiority technical and aural skills. Additionally, an accomplished musician should be able to blend with the audience and create a rapport. However, the most notable characteristics of a god musician are to be able to control his game.

Controlling the audience

An accomplished musician should be in control his concerts. On of the most outstanding things is that an accomplished musician should not be moved emotionally by the audience. James can make his audience cry, joyously or frighten them; however, he must able to control his emotions. He does not feel any of these during performance. He is moved by his performance and consummated by the flow of the performance. , be he controls everything. It may be detrimental for a musician to be emotionally moved by the crowd. James Morison has fire in his voice but ice in his veins. This is what keeps him going even when the audience is dropping. During his launch of one life track, he moved women to cry, men dropped, and pandemonium broke loose. He kept on singing until the end of the shows, not moved a bit himself.

Technical and aural skill

While a talented musician should be proficient at playing a number of instruments, the policy of division of labor is easy; one does what he does best. Specialization is tremendously valuable. It is necessary for players to be able to know than to play the right tunes, by playing the right tune at the right time. This is mostly demanded in the orchestra, but it applies to all fields. Once a player knows when to play the right tune, they can do it naturally. The only examples on point are Elvis princely and James Morison. Both of these players never went to a music school; they play the guitar with a natural gusto. In his hit single, “You Give Me Something”, James set the tempo with his syrupy backing track of the guitar, piano and the brass, He knows how to set the tempo with his guitar riffing. He can easily improvise notes and tunes without creating discourse in his performance

Ability to create a rapport

For a musician to excel in his performance, he must know how to blend with the crowd. The audience is extremely significant factors in the success of a musician, for one, the musician must be able to determine the mod of the crowd and leverage it to his advantage. Rapport is extremely valuable. Once James has built a rapport with his audience, he knows which tracks to start with to set the mood, and while on gear; he introduces other lines to create a mood swing in his audience. The chemistry is just not imaginable and practical, so it is never rehearsed before the concert, it comes naturally. His may be something to do within his extroverted nature, but this does not lie on personality characteristics, but on psychology.

Choice of chords and style

Musician hold be able make the right choice of chord to be able to capture the crowd, however, the style of accompaniment is also noteworthy. Though tin is a matter of personal taste. It is also necessary to choose the right backing, a mixture if common chords may not move the audience, but if chosen well, is likely to endear the crowd. One can decide to use the common three chord trick, but additional voicing and relevant minor, in addition to modal chords is particularly appropriate in music.

Decision criteria

While the criteria are many, the choice of the best criteria is manly dependent on the who is evaluating whom. If it is the crowd evaluating the signer, then the ability to create a rapport is much more valuable. This is because; the singer easily identifies with the audience and provides them with exactly what they want. Just the right chemistry to keep them busy and committed. Some of the self confessed diehard fans of James Morrison say that they love him because, of the chemistry between him and his audience.

On the other hand, if an event management company carries out the evaluation, then the ability to control the audience is extremely beneficial because the event management team is much more interested in ensuring that the audience are moved. If an artist moves the audience, this may ensure longevity of contracts and shows. However, if the artist is self evaluating, he is likely to consider rapport, the technical and aural skill as well as the ability to control the crowd. The more, the artist can easily exploit the audience’s emotion, the better because at the end of the day, the audience is the x factor.


Ability to create and develop a rapport with the audience or crowd is the most notable in criteria for selecting the best artist. The audience is the reason why the showbiz is on; the revenue comes from the audience, and this makes the rapport the most significant criteria.

Evaluation Essay

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