Evaluation On Human Servises

Evaluation On Human Servises





Human services have the aim of meeting the needs of human beings by focusing on remediation as well as the prevention of problems, and being committed to improving the quality of life of people. They assist people on how to deal with the social problems like unemployment, sickness, addiction to drugs, aging, family violence, among others. Some of the small organizations in the community are family support, youth refugees, day care centers and accommodations for those with brain injuries and others. All these are supposed to bring change in those people brought (Bullen, 1996).

Practice setting.

The practice setting discussed in this paper is for families of the drug addicts as well as the alcoholics. This kind of behavior is serious as it affects the whole family both directly and indirectly (Yolk, 2009). This creates an environment which is dysfunctional in that the family members tend to hide the person’s behavior and may create lies to cover the addict like he has a flu when he is drunk or has hung over’s. The children may have problems in bringing friends to visit and even be withdrawn from the society. Addiction also leads to marital problems, emotional and physical abuse that may lead to divorce (Yolk, 2009). Al Anon is a support group that aims on assisting spouses of alcoholics by investigating whether the person is drinking or is sober. When there are meetings, the attendees look at issues like excessive caretaking, lack of loyalty to the spouses, the attempts that could lead to controlling the behavior of other people and the self blame (project Know, 2013).

Target Behavior

According to my research, it is evident that the parents who join Al Anon have a chance to meet with other parents with the problem of coping with addicted children or husbands. They get to listen to the experiences and stories from the parents who have been able to come up with better methods of communicating with the addicted person in the family. The support groups provide the parents with the necessary understanding of their fear, anger and resentment (project Know, 2013). The staff members will also listen to those parents and give them positive input. This makes the parents to understand that the addiction is an illness and hope for the addicted person to recover is instilled to them. They come out having developed required skills to cope with the crisis and also the methods of allowing the addict to be able to work on his or her program.

Analyses of the behavior

The Al Anon support group is of great help to the parents or women who are drug addicts and alcoholics in that the parents are provided with safe places to talk about the fear they have, get comforted and are also provided with counseling on how to live with these addicts and take care of them. The counseling also helps women who are beaten by their addicted husbands overcome the psychological conditions and trauma, which is brought about by the violence (Yolk, 2009). This is possible only to those people who are able to speak out their problems. They are taken through what is called a healing process for several days. They are enlightened on the best ways to use while communicating with the addicts. They also get a chance to discuss with other parents with the same problem and hence get to enlighten each other. This makes them be ready to go and live a better life.

Study Sample

The research involved parents who have had participated in a support group as a result of either their children being drug addicts or their husbands. We took twenty parents randomly where eleven of these parents confirmed to have been in the Al Anon support group and they confirmed that it was of great help. They confirmed that the counseling provided in the centre was very important in the transition of their life. They have been able to cope with their addicted victims and eight of these said during the interview that they were able to convince their victims to seek counseling in the same support group and some have stopped.

Research has shown that drugs and alcohol are associated with violence as the drug abusers are not able to control their emotions (Maher, 2012). In my conclusion, I therefore would say that the support group has done a lot in making the parents of the addicts to have a normal life and highly recommend that anybody with a problem can seek help from any of the support teams


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