everycirciuit engering

  • Using tinkercad.com (or Everycircuit) and your multimeter: 1. Build a circuit using tinkercad.com or Everycircuit with a total resistance of 37,770 ohms (no rounding) using only the resistor values of your parts kit. So for example, you cannot use a 15k resistor because your parts kit does not have a 15k resistor. 2. Build the circuit using your parts kit and breadboard. 3. Take a screen shot of the tinkercad.com or Everycircuit circuit showing the resistance and a snapshot of your parts’ breadboard showing the resistance. Remember you measure resistance WITHOUT the battery connected. Your resistance should be within 5% of your tinkercad.com or Everycircuit measurement. 4. Apply 9 volts to your circuit. Measure the current flowing through the circuit and the voltage across each resistor. 5. Place both pics and your measurements from step 4 in a word document and submit here.
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