Everyone has a dream job in mind, a certain someone they hope to be someday


Everyone has a dream job in mind, a certain someone they hope to be someday, and if that job is to become an anthropologist no one has the right to stand in any certain field’s way and stop that from happening, not even a state GOV, As Florida’s Governor Rick Scott tried to do. He mentioned how the state’s money should not fund the liberal arts degrees including or rather specifying anthropology and should only go to degrees that matter, and those degrees in his point of view were Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

What Rick Scott might have not realized was the importance of liberal arts degrees in every society since these degrees can help the public in ways that people with an Engineering or math degree can’t. Liberal arts play major role in the society and the neglect of the societal importance is a major concern. Argument by Governor Rick Scott that liberal art degrees is unproductive do not contribute to the growth of the economy means that he is focusing on only one purpose of learning but there are major reasons why people go to school. What is then the main reason why people go to school? Is it to boost the economy alone? What of the already wealthy guys who greatly contribute to the economy of the country but still undertake liberal arts? Liberal arts and all other disciplines are interrelated and their benefits towards the economy can be hardly separated (Harris Web).

Liberal arts education helps in developing strength of mind and ones intellect which in turn enables an individual to use his brain properly in other fields of life. What is important is organized thinking and development of an ordered mind for someone to excel in any field. It is important to note that liberal arts greatly boosts an individual’s intellect since they involve a lot of thinking which helps in exercising the brain in readiness to achieve anything in life. Liberal arts entail many areas of study and therefore equip the learner with diverse body of knowledge that can be applied in many areas based on the learners worthy apprehension. An individual pursuing liberal arts is capable of differentiating between ideas and philosophies as well as achieving good judgmental skills acquired from extensive acquaintance with many areas of study (Harris Web).

Liberal arts help in understanding various dimensions of life and further make it possible to understand the world much easier by giving context that is very crucial for full understanding of various phenomena. It is worth appreciating that liberal arts intends to explain and clarifies the new knowledge based on the old ideas learnt by intellectually developing the brain from what it had already been fed. Knowledge of many subjects acquired from the liberal arts enhances creativity due to the conscious thought acquired from the liberal arts and this greatly boosts economy.

It is worth noting that liberal arts give an edge in every career due to its broadness as well as understanding many cross cultural experience which is vital in many businesses worldwide. The fact that a particular community’s culture can be understood boosts the morale of the employee due to the deep appreciation of their culture and this creates room for improvement of the economy. Indeed, liberal arts involve a lot of things that are useful in the current and future society. Economy is not only about job creation but how the job is done and the diverse knowledge of the worker and the employer is equally important in this competitive world. For sure, liberal arts do not need to be attacked as Governor Rick deed since it is the basis of all other disciplines.

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