Everyone is endowed with a talent in one or more fields of activity.

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Everyone is endowed with a talent in one or more fields of activity. Some have hobbies in physically-demanding activities such as boxing, playing basketball or soccer while others prefer mentally challenging activities such as computer games among others. Different people have varied hobbies depending on individual’s personality as well as influence from the society they live in (Miller, 2010). I am engrossed in soccer. Soccer is the world’s most loved sports and I am proud to be part of this fascinating group. I not only like watching soccer but playing it too. To me soccer is everything.

Having been brought up in a soccer-loving country of England, I started having strong desire and passion for the game while I was just four. I used to visit football academies during my free time against the will of both my parents. I learnt about the sport by watching TV where I admired world’s finest players such as Romario, and Zidane. I got so engrossed in the game that studying almost became unbearable. I started playing soccer at the age of ten having joined one of the football academies in the neighborhood. Since then, soccer has become part of me and nobody can ever convince me otherwise. I train for the sport on a daily basis having pursued my studies earlier in the day (Miller, 2010). I have stayed physically fit and as young as ever!

Soccer gives me the fulfillment I would want in a sport especially when playing a competitive match. To begin with, soccer is watched by many fans across the world and any time a bounce onto the pitch to display my skills I realize that a sizeable crowd is behind me. This becomes even enthralling when I score a goal. I always feel very excited when I entertain such high magnitude of people who turn up to watch their favorite sport. Soccer has a lot of benefits to the life of an individual. To begin with, it helps one relieve stress and frustrations especially after being engaged in a mentally-challenging task such as reading or studying in general ( HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=p&q=+inauthor:%22Robert+D.+Mootz%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=10” Mootz & HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=p&q=+inauthor:%22Kevin+A.+McCarthy%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=10” McCarthy, 1999). In such situation, an individual relaxes thereby eliminating the exhaustion s/he had experienced before. Moreover, soccer is important for improving the health status of an individual. Playing soccer involves thorough training which is recommended for the well functioning of body systems. According to HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=p&q=+inauthor:%22Robert+D.+Mootz%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=10” Mootz & HYPERLINK “http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=p&q=+inauthor:%22Kevin+A.+McCarthy%22&source=gbs_metadata_r&cad=10” McCarthy (1999) soccer is an enjoyable sport that provides an all-round fitness for participants and can be used as therapy for lifestyle-related diseases.

Besides, soccer inculcates teamwork and togetherness among players as well as the funs. Through soccer, I have managed to connect with other players and make friends. Soccer is a game of teamwork that requires the participation of all people in the game hence teammates treats one another as close friends for the betterment of the game (Young, 2007). Moreover, the sport act as a unifying factor for all the people in the world irrespective of their race or religion as witnessed in the world cup tournaments. Such positive correlations strengthen my passion for the game. However, I sometimes get disappointed by players who brush-off other players from a different team when playing due to some minor misunderstandings during a match. Discipline is elemental to the well being of players, fans as well as the sport itself.

Generally, sports are vital for the both the physical as well as psychological well being of people in any society. Individual’s personality as well as other factors such as the society where s/he has been brought up determines to a larger extent the activity of interest (Young, 2007). I have been a soccer loving individual and will continue to do so since soccer is superb!


Every individual in the society is involved in one or more kinds of activities either to explore their talents in those activities or just for fun during their time of relaxation. Some activities demand a lot of energy while others require little energy to pursue. Despite the aforementioned factors, all the people involved in such activities as pursuant of their hobbies do enjoy to the fullest. Since I realized my passion for soccer, i have always loved the game as both hobby and talent and will never abandon the game even at my old age.


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